Can. Ch. Khetaqua's One Hundred Proof, Am/Can CD, TT, CGC

Can. Ch. Khetaqua's One Hundred Proof, Am/Can CD, TT, CGC


Feb. 1, 1988 - Jan. 22, 2003

On gossamer wings she will fly
Up, up into the sky

When you gaze at the sky tonight
She will be the star shining so bright



Many of you will remember her as the "Ralph Lauren" dog. She was the red & white beauty who graced many of his ads.

I could not have asked for a better friend or foundation. Stoli was bred three times and produced:

(Twice to BISS Ch. Yvar's Winter Snowfire)
Am/Can. Ch. Stoli's Malinka Volchista, CD
    (Best in Veteran Sweeps, 2001 SHCA National)

BISS Am/Can. Ch. Stoli's Fire in the Sky

Stoli's P'Chelka Volchista, CD, NA, NJWW, OA, Ojww, USDAA
    Agility Dog, Nadac Nov. STD., Nov. Gamblers, Nov. Jumpers,
    Open STd., Open Jumpers, Open Gamblers
    HIT at Siberian Husky National 1998 (Agility)

(Once to Ch. Rockland's Starr Attraction)
Am/Can. & UCI Int'l Ch. Stoli's California Dreamin

Am/Can Ch. Stoli's Wind Walker, CD, NA, NJWW, OA, OJww,
    USDAA Agility Dog, CGC, TDI

Ralph Lauren Model
Ralph Lauren Lover

Always a ham
More importantly, Stoli produced lovely temperaments sleeping on sofas across the US.

We are proud to have her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren here with us.

Last night when I was leaving class, my friend stopped me to talk about something, and remarked "Look at all of the stars".......

And I started to cry. As Stoli's spirit left her earlier that day I thought that I must remember to look for the brightest star in the sky, and I would know that she had made it safely across the bridge. They were all bright... one even more than the others. It was cloudy every night before, and is cloudy again tonight.

-Pat Tetrault - January 23, 2003

These are some pictures that Pat took while Stoli was in session with the Ralph Lauren Photographer.

They are not pictures that were taken by the session photographer, and are the original size and clarity.


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Doing two things she loves best
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